Sustainable products that reduce emissions.

Northumberland Lubricants is Atlantic Canada’s Distributor of Pathfinder Lubricants. We help lower emissions by providing superior products that:

  • Prolong Engine Life

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • Save You Money

Heavy duty Penetrant/Lubricant, High Performance Fuel Treatment for diesel, gasoline and 2-cycle engines, High performance Oil Fortifier for engines, gears, hydraulics, compressors, transmissions, etc. and High Load/Anti-wear Industrial Grease. Quality products and service.

Consumers and Major Industries have been taking advantage of these well trusted products for over 20 years. Agriculture, Construction, Diesel, Forestry, Marine, Transportation and more are reaping the benefits. They are lowering fuel costs, extending  equipment life span AND considerably reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help save the environment. Now you can too!